We Need to Talk About Mike Soul’s album #SO4J review. It’s a “Woke Chimp”.

Listen we need to talk. It‘s always good when people listen to your music especially when you have something to say. It’s even better when listeners not only play your tracks but also review them. It is equally important that those in the industry have something to say.  Most artists have spent their time pouring out their hearts and soul and want an honest evaluation of their hard work. Woke Chimp did just that… they have blogged and reviewed Mike Soul’s debut album #SO4J and has been featured on their website. Check out now!

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“Can I Get A Friend? No Not One”

We have a friend in Jesus. Yes, He can be YOUR friend too. He can be a listening ear and a trusted friend to those in need! Just call on Him, talk to Him. When you feel like you cannot make it He will be there! He is closer than a brother. People may fail you but Jesus will always be there! 

Here’s an excerpt from one of the verses/chorus in the hymnal song that says

There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus, No not one, no not one…Jesus knows all about our struggles. He will guide till the day is done;”

Mike Soul Singing Hymn – No Not One

A Community Guide to Keeping the Youth out of trouble with new experiences.

Go Karting With the Youth

The media has been covering the epidemic of youth crime in the UK with just about every agency trying to initiate programs to steer the youth from risky behaviour or a life of crime.

How we got the youth to stay out of trouble in under 1 hour? The answer is Go Karting. A group of youth were taking on a trip with some being there first time organized by UCharity a charity set up by Mike Soul (co-founder) to help those in need.

New Official ‘Warm In Here’ Video for Charity.

Mike Soul-Warm In Here Video pic

Mike Soul has just made a video for his charity single Warm In Here. The song itself describes God’s love expressed as the “warm feeling” you get when you have been hugged or embraced with open arms by someone who cares for you. Remember God’s got you because He loves us unconditionally…Children can be a reflection of this type of love He gives as illustrated in the video. Go check it out here.

“Helping Those Who Are Most In Need Through Serving”.

Mike Soul working in the charity

Charity is more than just giving, it is also serving…Mike knows all too well about the needs of those who are truly in need, as he and his wife Shez set up a non for profit charity back in 2013 called UCharity. They run a drop in centre on a weekly basis, and street outreach providing help to the homeless. While also working on projects with youth and the community at large! I know lol where does he get the time to do it all right??

This is Why Night Of Worship Was So Necessary!

Wired 2 Worship 2018 with Kiki

Great night at Wired to Worship 2018 with Kierra “Kiki” Sheard! Mike was invited to accompany Female gospel artist “Liane Marie” he ministered on the keys(yes he is a musician) and they did not disappoint! The combination was not complete without the awesome Manna Twins who delivered backing vocals. The Anointing was flowing and the atmosphere electric with Gods presence evident! The crowd were on their feet in worship and it set the tone for the rest of the night. This is why a night of worship was so necessary!

Mike Soul Lyric Video – I Love You Jesus

Mike Soul - I Love You Jesus cover

Taken from Mike Soul’s debut album – #so4j – I Love You Jesus declares the name of Jesus (Yeshua) to be healing of our pain and distress. Acts 3:1-10 describes the story of man he could not walk and by Peter and John calling on the name of Jesus the lame man, got up and walked. There is healing in that name. We pray Jehovah-Rapha and His healing in your own life—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Why There’s No Better Time To Unveil Album Artwork

SO4J Album Artowrk

After great anticipation Mike Soul unveils the album artwork ahead of his debut release on 20th July 2018. The front cover depicts his journey from darkness to light leaving the world behind him and all he once new! As the scripture says Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (2 Cor 5:17)

Mike Soul Debut Album Ad

Mike Soul Debut Album Ad

Mike Soul unveils the name and release date for his debut album #so4j.


My Life, My Love and my All: The DEBUT album.


We managed to catch up with the man himself Mike Soul on his well needed break away. He had some exciting news about his upcoming Debut album. press play and take a look!..