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This is Why Night Of Worship Was So Necessary!

Wired 2 Worship 2018 with Kiki

Great night at Wired to Worship 2018 with Kierra “Kiki” Sheard! Mike was invited to accompany Female gospel artist “Liane Marie” he ministered on the keys(yes he is a musician) and they did not disappoint! The combination was not complete without the awesome Manna Twins who delivered backing vocals. The Anointing was flowing and the atmosphere electric with Gods presence evident! The crowd were on their feet in worship and it set the tone for the rest of the night. This is why a night of worship was so necessary!

Behind the scenes – video

Mike soul had a great time on set for his premiere debut video! What an exciting time it was getting back into one of his passions music! He was able to work with the director and bring to life creative shots that captured him in deep thought and also his love and fire for God!

The early rise was worth it all involved were happy with his first offering since his return!